Thursday June 15, 2023

08.00     Reception and registration

09.00     Opening
09.15     The multidisciplinary approach in Head and Neck Cancer             
09.30     The MDM: standard cases
09.45     Logistics and benefits of the multidisciplinary approach
10.00     Value based medicine of the HN care pathway
10.15     Coffee break
10.45     Panel: Role and minimal skills of members of the team 
12.15     Questions and discussion            
12.30     Lunch
13.15     Patient societies             
13.45     The MDM: standard cases          
14.00     Dilemmas in imaging and staging
14.30     Questions and discussion
14.45     Dilemmas in response evaluation: imaging and salvage surgery
15.15     Questions and discussion
15.30     Tea break
16.00     Young frail and fit old: different treatment?
16.30     Questions and discussion
16.45     Tailored treatment in elderly
17.15     Questions and discussion
17.30     Keynote lecture

18.15     Closure day 1




Friday June 16, 2023

Program from 08.00-18.00

On day two, two parallel sessions will take place. Below an overview of the topics.

You can register, for the session you prefer, at a later date.


Topics workshops

  • Prediction of clinical outcome: survival, adverse and QOL
  • Preventing adverse events after (chemo)radiation
  • Which patients need protons?
  • Recurrence and non-responders
  • Which patients need immunotherapy?
  • Prevention and treatment of complications after major HN surgery
  • Impaired wound healing
  • Large defects: free flap, pedicled flap or implants?
  • Margins and postop (chemo)radiation?
  • Multidisciplinary palliative care
  • Treatment of pain
  • TORS or (chemo)radiation?
  • How to handle airway obstructive tumors
  • Parotid gland tumors: surgery?
  • Oral cancer patients deserve Multidisc 3D treatment
  • Swallowing and speaking problems after TL
  • Treatment of paranasal sinus and skull base tumors
  • Detection of lymph node metastases
  • Complex cutaneous squamous cell cancer HN
  • Melanoma and Merkelcelca HN
  • Non-SCC head and neck tumors
  • Rare tumors: the multidisciplinary approach

Saturday June 17, 2023

08.00     Opening

08.15     Patient preferences vs doctors advice?

09.00     Another primary tumor?

……         folllows

10.30     Coffee break

11.00     New fronteers in HN oncolocy

12.30     The MDM: difficult cases

13.15     Closing remarks

13.30     Lunchbox